What is a Crypto Faucet? dYdX Academy

A crypto rewards faucet works slightly differently from a testnet faucet. Most rewards faucets require users to complete tasks to earn small amounts of crypto. They usually involve signing up for various accounts and engaging with different platforms to maximize your earnings. Unlike testnet faucets, the tokens users receive from rewards faucets are usually mainnet […]

White-Label Crypto Exchange: How It Works?

Understanding your objectives will help you choose a platform that aligns with your vision. AlphaPoint helped prepare us for the era of digital transformation, where adoption of innovative finance software should be easy, intuitive and socially inclusive. We’re generating financial wellness for a greater number of people and helping them to participate in the global […]

Bitcoin vs Ethereum

PoS will have users stake ETH to secure the network, a much easier process than setting up and running a cryptocurrency mining rig, which is how miners validate Bitcoin via its PoW mechanism. How might you react to sharp price changes, since the prices of both bitcoin and ethereum can be notoriously volatile? You can […]