BullEx Fire Trailer

What is the Bullex Fire Safety Trailer

The Bullex Fire Safety Trailer is an interactive and realistic fire prevention training aid that can be tailored to educate both children and adults. Participants will experience simulated fire situations that are intense and realistic BUT completely safe, including digital flames, smoke, heat and integrated sound effects that simulate emergencies in the home or workplace.


 Train employees how to respond to a fire or HazMat leak in the workplace in this industrial fire scenario. An electrical box shorts, causing sparks to ignite the adjacent parts washer. The parts washer creates a hot, smoky fire which then ignites the nearby trashcan resulting in a full-scale industrial emergency. The industrial scenario can be as simple or complex as you need. It can include numerous industrial elements that may become hazardous to a worker, such as a leaking gas manifold or chemical drum, overflowing chemical test tubes, or a gas fume hood that has caught fire.


 Life-threatening weather emergencies can occur with little or no notice. The optional Severe Weather Package, broadcasts realistic severe weather alerts and educates participants how to react if faced with an extreme weather event. Weather simulations incorporate actual news broadcasts with surround-sound effects for cyclone, earthquake, and flood safety education. The BullEx Severe Weather Package teaches critical life-saving steps in a highly realistic training environment.

  • NOAA Weather Radio warns of severe weather
  • Integrated television broadcasts emergency weather news report
  • Digital amplification creates realistic weather sound effects
  • Strobe effects simulate lightning and intermittent power outages
  • The Severe Weather Package allows for breaks in the action so the instructor can discuss the emergency procedures specific to their location.
  • The intensity level can be adjusted to provide an experience appropriate to the age level of the participants.


 Designed to resemble a real home kitchen, this setting uses heat, smoke, sound effects and digital flames to create an intense fire emergency. Challenge participants of any age to respond correctly in this hands-on emergency response and hazard recognition training scenario. Choose a combination of stove, oven and cabinet props and instruct trainees to use the proper P.A.S.S. technique to knock down the flames. The sparking microwave, smoking toaster, and smoking outlet show the hazards of improper use or placement of appliances and how to diminish a potential hazard. A chemical cabinet demonstrates how to safely store chemicals and prevent children from accessing dangerous materials. Overhead heaters, dense smoke, digital flames, and sound effects combine to recreate the stress of an actual fire.


 Educate children and parents on the importance of E.D.I.T.H. (Exit Drills In The Home) and prepare them to conduct drills at home with the bedroom scenario. Show participants how to feel a door for heat and block smoke with a pillow or towel and then evacuate to safety using the window and escape ladder. Additional props include a smoking outlet and air conditioner to simulate electrical fire hazards. Sound, smoke, fire effects, an interactive 000 phone, and an automatic smoke detector create an authentic emergency scene.

All employees will benefit from the lifesaving lessons learned in the realistic settings of our Fire Safety Trailer.
The Trailer is an environmentally friendly and cost-saving Fire, Safety and Emergency Training Technologies Tool. Provide extinguisher and advanced hose-line fire training without the need for dry-chemical, CO2 extinguishers or hydrocarbon burns.

There are only two Bullex Fire Safety Trailers in Australia, Deltawest Training is the proud owner of one of these unique training simulation trailers.

Deltawest Training can conduct Fire Training on-site as the trailer is mobile, we can also come to schools to provide general fire awareness to students.