Courses Offered

Courses Offered

Agriculture Pilot Upgrade

2-day Heavy Vehicle Pilots Licence Course

For experienced Agricultural industry operators to legally direct and stop traffic to allow the safe movement of oversize vehicles/combinations on all roads within WA

For candidates who can prove competency in pre-starts and two-way communication (with mining, transport, or agriculture background)

Day 1 theory and assessment for the following Units of Competency.

  • TLIB0004 – Carry out vehicle inspection
  • TLIE3009A – Use pilot and escort communication
  • TLIC3010A – Pilot or escort oversized and/or over massed loads
  • TLIF3013A — Coordinate breakdowns and emergencies
  • TLIF3060A – Control traffic as a pilot vehicle operator


Day 2 all day practical.

  • Candidates will pilot a permitted oversize load down the highway, closing and opening bridges while interacting with all other road uses as part of their practical assessment

We also offer

Heavy Vehicle Pilots Licence

3 Day theory and practical – for green candidates (no mining or transport background) covering the above national units of competency. With more time devoted to Vehicle inspection and Communication for pilot operations.